Terms and conditions
for booking THE RECREATION centre


  • Hirers MUST be over 18 years of age.

  • The signatory for the booking will be present throughout the entirety of the booking.

  • All fees and deposit (if applicable) are payable in advance. Deposits will not be refunded if booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the event time.

  • All damages and breakages must be reported and paid for as soon as possible.
    There may be other users in other parts of the building at the same time.


  • Smoking is not permitted in any area(s) of the building.

  • All hirers MUST familiarise themselves with emergency exits and ensure fire exits are unlocked and fire roller shutters are raised in the large hall downstairs.

  • Fire Extinguishers should not be tampered with. Any fire safety equipment used should be reported to Recreation in Aston immediately. Failure to report will result in liability for resulting cost.

  • Hirer responsibility to ensure food preparation regulations are adhered to.
    No food shall be left in the Centre overnight without prior permission and unless stored in suitable rodent proof containers (the fridges are NOT rodent proof containers).


  • Please take all litter away from the Centre with you.

  • If the field or pitches are used please ensure all rubbish is removed.


  • The hirer is responsible for ensuring the Centre is thoroughly cleaned at the end of your booking. 

  • Failure to do so will result in a £30 additional charge to cover our cleaning costs.
    The hirer will return all furniture to its original position; including tables and chairs.


  • Please respect our neighbours and keep the noise outdoors to a minimum.

  • Sunday – Thursday:  All music will cease by 10pm and Centre cleared by 11pm.

  • Friday & Saturday: All music will cease by 11pm and Centre cleared by 12am.

  • Emergency doors and main entrance must remain closed while music is being played.

  • Windows must not be left ‘wide-open’.


  • Commercial hirers must hold their own liability insurance.

  • Non-commercial groups are covered by RIA Insurance.

  • Hirer responsibility to ensure Public Liability and third-party insurance are in place to cover the booking.

  • Hirer responsibility to ensure the correct license is in place if alcohol is to be sold.

  • Recreation in Aston accept no responsibility for loss or damage to any equipment either left on the field, in the building or locked in the container.


  • The hirer agrees to ensure the building is securely locked and the keys returned as agreed.

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